Great Craft Idea – Bookmarks

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Fabric bookmarks, you don’t have to know how to quilt to make these, nor do you need to be great at sewing.

You need scraps of fabric, some ribbon (optional) and some fusible interfacing.

Check out the instructions here:

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New car…coming soon!

2010 Hyundai Elantra photographed at the 2010 ...

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The time has come to purchase a new car. We’ve been surviving on one vehicle for a really long time and though it’s been a cost saver, I need my own wheels.

Too many times I’ve had to change my plans at the last-minute or find a ride because Lyle was at a job and couldn’t be home in time to pick me up.

I thought I would just want a little sub-compact hatchback. But after checking some out, I don’t believe that’s the right choice for me any longer. My first car was a Chevrolet Sprint and I loved it but that was 20 years ago and my needs have changed.

We visited a couple of dealerships last week, Hyundai being one of them. I really favour the Elantra. I like the size, the drive is smooth and quiet. The car is zippy and breaks very well. It’s nice to look at too.  Hyundai is also offering great financing options for their 2010 vehicles.

Depreciation is a factor to consider, if we buy the 2010, the second we drive off the car lot the value drops a good $8,000+.  True, but in the case of Hyundai, the financing choices are much more appealing for the 2010 vehicles compared to the 2009 vehicles. Older cars cost less in insurance, but older cars need more work and care and in the long run can cost a fortune at the garage and can be a serious headache. So I’m boiling it down to what I can pay each month and so far the best option for me is the 2010 Hyundai Elantra GL – while supplies last… I think I’m going to have to make a decision by the end of September. Hopefully before then.

I’ll keep you posted…

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eBooks – here to stay!

Image representing Kobo as depicted in CrunchBase

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Back in late Spring, I purchased a Kobo – an e Reader created in Canada but spreading its wings all over the world. The price was right and the fact that it is Canadian-made influenced my purchase decision.  After a few little snags and a (free) replacement,  I am fairly happy with this little device.  It comes with 100 free (classic) titles. You can buy titles for as low as 89 cents (CAD). They offer frequent special deals for discounts on purchases, free Kobo contests, even win an iPad contest. They have partnered with TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), hotel chains and, now that Libraries are making downloadable e books available, the Kobo works well with most downloadable books (unless you use an i Pad to read your e books – the proprietary software is making it nearly impossible for Library users to read e books on their iPad).

I’ve been reading the full Amelia Peabody series written by Elizabeth Peters (aka Barbara Mertz, aka Barbara Michaels). The earlier books in the series were quite inexpensive and now I am hooked so I’ll be downloading each book in the series. Of course I’ve also downloaded some borrowed books from our Library as well.

You might think that someone who has worked in Libraries for almost 25 years would be against anything but the printed word in book format. I am a reader and have always loved holding a new book in my hands, turning those pages, smelling that new book smell, scouring the shelves. One would presume that I would object strenuously to the advent of computerized books, how impersonal, can you take that in the bathtub with you? (Yes you can actually.)  But, I find that I am thoroughly loving this medium. Remember, I’m a Web Coordinator and I do love new technology, but what it really boils down to is the practicality of carrying around dozens – even hundreds – of books…at once… in my purse and having books and stories at my disposal. When I want to read something, it’s there. Maybe it’s not always the most recent – but there are so many titles out there for us to read. Why not save some trees (and maybe some poor little squids) and buy an e Reader like the Kobo or Sony.

For the heck of it, I created this poll. It will take less than a minute, share your opinion:

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Puppies versus dogs

A Keeshond named Majic.

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We had to give up our dog, Lucky,  at the start of the summer.  It was the  most difficult decision I’ve had to make in a very long time. On our own, she was great but around others who came on our property she would growl, lunge at and sometimes nip at visitors. She was a stray and we felt good about rescuing her.

I’m very sad. The good news is that we found the perfect family for her. People who know the breed, know how to fix behaviour problems and whom I believe can bring out the best traits in this lovely girl.

As for me, well, Lyle would love to get another dog. I’m not completely against the idea but I’m also in no rush. I don’t know what the best choice for us – me – is.  A puppy that you train from day 1, an older dog that is already trained (hopefully).

Lyle’s favorite breed is Keeshond. They are supposed to be very family oriented. I loved Scooter, who was all Keeshond. Lucky was part. We think she was a breed known as Eurasier, which is a mix of Keeshond, Chow-Chow and Samoyed. I think there was perhaps a little too much Chow-Chow and not enough Keeshond in her. Although, she might very well have been a backyard bred dog with little training.

Whatever Lucky is, she is now doing much better with her new family. But it doesn’t stop my heart from aching for her. Lyle’s answer is to get  a new dog. Maybe that is the answer, we’ll see…

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Social Networking In Toronto

I am back using my practice blog after a very long absence. Learning plenty of great social networking tools: RSS, Wiki’s, Blogs and more to come…

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New(er) vehicles are exciting!

Our 1994 Astro van has been surviving on a song and prayer (and lots of used parts from the local Pick-Your-Part). So, we finally have fixed that situation and purchased an a newer used Astro van (1998-1999). It’s the same but better, I think. Lyle is like a kid in a candy store. The price was amazingly just right and the van is very nice: gold, leather interior and white with a gold stripe on the exterior. It’s one of those extenda-cabs that Lyle likes so that he can store his ladder and tons of tools. As nice as it is, it’s a work van but I told Lyle he has to take good care of this one.

Now, we can start looking for an updated car for me. But first, we look at sewing machines!

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To work we go

I love my job, most of the time. Managing this library has been the best working experience I have ever had: managind staff; organizing programs; enjoying my monthly book club; working on the website; attending conferences. Yes, it’s quite enjoyable. Oops, duty calls, more later…

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