Round 7, September 17


I think I had better post something before the next chemo session which starts in 2 days. As predicted, this round has been much harder for Lyle. He only started to feel relatively normal this past Thursday. Every day was the worst day (the worst day 3, the worst day 4, etc.).  Clearly this is a fact of life for the next few months and it’s likely not going to get better until it’s all finished.

Last night I took Lyle to emergency, he’s fine but while taking a bath after a long day on a job, he looked down at his belly and discovered a STAPLE in his belly button —  from surgery on April 23!! That’s 5 months ago if you’re counting. He has never felt completely free of irritation when wearing anything that hit his waist line. Now we know why… In fact there were TWO staples left in his belly button as the emerge doc found. We figure that the scab had closed over them but at the job yesterday, where he had to squeeze in and around equipment, the scab was worked loose. When he took the bath, the water may have washed the scab away to reveal a  shiny staple sticking out of his belly. He thought it was a  amusing but he also insisted on going to emergency right away, and I didn’t disagree. He said today that he feels so much better, he was really feeling uncomfortable.

Last weekend was very nice. A day and night at the Ranch and then home to go to a lovely party on Sunday with many wonderful friends. We are so fortunate to have such a great group of people in our lives.

As for me, I am very busy at work with two big projects underway. I haven’t even started eNews so I’ll have to work on that tomorrow.

We didn’t go to the Ranch this weekend and I’m glad of it in light of Lyle’s staple experience. Whereas our hospital, Credit Valley, is a mere 5 minute drive, from the Ranch the nearest hospital emergency is a good 40 minute drive at least. And our doctors don’t work out of that hospital.

Next weekend is the last weekend of the season, we close up 😦 for the year. We’ll be back in early November to rake the leaves but that’s it, the summer is over. The good news? I’ll get back to my quilting! 🙂 I find it hard to quilt in the summer, it’s hot in my quilting room and to bring my stuff to the trailer is a challenge, the trailer is small, my machine is big. So, this week I vow to finish a certain project for a certain sister-in-law… you know who you are 🙂 🙂

….The very best news?….

  7 down, 5 to go!!

Talk to you soon


2 Responses to Round 7, September 17

  1. Linda says:

    Take you time with the quilt!

  2. weblady says:

    I DID take my time… you should have had it in May!

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