Round 5, August 20

So we are almost at the half way point… yeah! I think the worst is yet to come though. Lyle really felt the effects of this round more quickly and they do say that it accumulates in the

English: Perth, Ontario, Canadabody and builds up. This is not stopping him from doing lots of things and he doesn’t listen very well when it’s suggested that he rest more than he should.  This is not just coming from me but also from the nurse who comes to disconnect the chemo bag and change the dressing.

We had a relatively busy day today and now he’s sleeping, that’s not a surprise given the running around and the heat of the day combined with chemo.  And we have to do his flush pretty soon.

Mississauga City Hall

We have planned on going to the Ranch today, maybe when he wakes. Lyle has a job in Perth, Ontario Sunday & Monday so we’re still deciding on travel time. It’s about the same distance from our house in Mississauga as it is from the Ranch but the drive from the Ranch is much prettier.

I’m a little tired myself so I’m closing for now, the good news….

5 down, 7 to go!


One Response to Round 5, August 20

  1. Liz says:

    Perth is really pretty. I hope Lyle is well enough for the two of you to enjoy it. Prettiest eateries are at Code’s Mill with a coffee shop and restaurant. Family style would be Peter’s. We often eat at the Mexican place on the canal, but you’ve got to want Mexican food. Stewart Park is lovely. Our cottage is about 15 minutes from Perth towards Ottawa – off highway 7 on Mississippi Lake. Take care. Liz

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