Round 4, August 7

We learned something today… chemo impacts the heart. And I learned that Lyle does feel anxious on the mornings of chemo.

Today was the long day – blood test, wait an hour, see oncologist, then chemo. It is also make up day for missing chemo yesterday which was a holiday, so all the Monday people go to the Tuesday, plus all the Tuesday people are there too. Surprisingly, we were finished earlier than on our regular day, but we started at 8:15 a little early. So maybe that’s why we seemed to be finished earlier than usual.

So anyway, prior to seeing the oncologist, we saw her intern and went through the medical stuff. My dear husband “forgot” to mention to me that yesterday he suffered a sharp but brief pain in his chest yesterday. I only learned that today when the Intern asked about how he was feeling That still has me somewhat ticked off. Eventually, when we met with the Oncologist, she said if it’s sustained pain to go immediately to emergency. Both the intern and the oncologist explained that chemo impacts all sorts of organs including the heart. I also learned that Lyle had helped a friend at the ranch load up a trailer (the kind that you fill with stuff, not the kind you sleep in) with all kinds of really heavy stuff. Oh the things I’m learning the day after!!

The all-seeing "eye in the sky" Take...

On top of the lifting of heavy stuff Lyle put in a very long week – 3 days @ 12 hours each and 1 day @ 3 hours. A new client, it’s a great opportunity but a killer for the first jobs. Installing security cameras at Subways. It’s a job that he loves to do and he hired a friend to be his assistant and they had fun, but both of them are not in the best of health and it really knocked them out. The client says that it won’t take as long over time. I hope so. It’s good money though, and we really need that but it’s not good that he had to work so hard right now.

So, currently, he’s fairly fatigued and needs to learn to sleep when his body demands that he sleeps. I keep telling him to do that, and he did sleep a little today but I think he feels somewhat guilty. The cold is bothering his hands and throat – I microwave his salad and he drinks warm water (body temperature).

At 5pm today, the Oncologist left him a message – she’s never done that before – asking him if he wanted to do the intravenous fluids. Lyle had inquired about that a few weeks ago but the doctor didn’t feel it was necessary at that time. It’s a strange message and Lyle will call the nurse tomorrow which is what the doctor said he should do if he wants this treatment. What it does is just gives him extra fluids to help combat colds if he gets run-down.

The good news…

4 down, 8 to go!

August 14, 2012

So how do I convince Lyle that… chopping wood and power-washing the trailer is bound to cause fatigue, especially for a guy on chemo…? He knows it, but he ignores it. He goes until he collapses… I think he’s near that now. Good! How else will he get rest… I wonder, is this a guy thing… We’ve been asked by a number of people “is he allowed to do this?” Well, the truth is no one has said he can’t do these things but he’s been told that his body will tell him when it’s time to quit. Singing at the RanchGenerally speaking, he works himself as hard as he can then he crashes.

Tomorrow, Lyle begins a 3-day hydration program. I think it’s a good idea. He’s done quite well with the water intake but he’s prone to colds, his voice is often dry and scratchy (great for singing low bass in barbershop quartets but maybe not great for his throat).


6 Responses to Round 4, August 7

  1. Linda says:

    This is the first time I have seen this, and I looked back at all the others. I don’t know how I missed them if they were on facebook.
    I wonder if Lyle will have a hard time with this one after working so hard last week. I understand how much he wanted to do that job, and that it means he could get lots more work in future, but it’s a hard balance with trying to keep that client that could mean lots of income and taking care of his health, which has to be his first priority at this point. Such a hard balance to try to keep. Best to Lyle and you, and we are up for watching the opening on PVR ANYTIME,. I’ll just keep it on until you can come.

    • weblady says:

      We also met with a social worker and had a chat about things. He’ll work when he can and he has some thoughts on how to deal with future jobs. We don’t yet know what is coming and when but he needed to figure out for himself what his threshold is.

  2. Liz says:

    The things we have to battle…. Thank you for sharing. May you both stay strong and may Lyle recover fully from this ordeal.

    • weblady says:

      Thanks Liz, of course this is our hope too. One of the biggest questions that they can’t answer is – is the treatment working… they can’t monitor that but they say that this treatment is “curative” and has not travelled anywhere else, which is a good thing.

  3. Helen Alain says:

    Do take care of your self too Joanne. It is really hard to watch someone you love go through something like this. Nothing makes you feel more helpless.- my sister is now going to be going through treatments for the same thing. Staying positive is most important but hard to do at times, I’m sure.

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