Round 3, July 23

I might have mentioned that we were to see the Oncologist this time, but we were not correct about that. The usual – blood test, all OK and then chemo treatment. Longish day as usual, Lyle gets worn out by this of course. He said he felt it quite quickly but on the upside, so far, isn’t as knocked out as he was last time. We are wondering if he had the cold last time which made him feel worse right from the start. Of course this is just the first day and we’ve been told by those who have been through this that the worst days are days 3, 4 and 5.  Because he’s had a couple of colds (or maybe one very long-lasting cold) his Oncology Nurse did tell him that they might consider adding a hydrating intravenous. This would be inserted at home on Wednesday and Thursday.  Lyle asked in the treatment room, they had to call his Oncology Nurse (Anusha) and she had to ask the oncologist (Dr. Quinton). I was quite impressed with how rapidly all of this communication took place. Within about 5 minutes the answer came back, that for now, they wouldn’t do that, but if Lyle felt nauseous then he should call and they would set that up. I imagine they don’t want to give him more meds than is necessary. We were OK with that response.

I’ll check in again in a couple of days.

BTW – the photo is Grand Cache in Alberta. If you every get the chance to camp there, go, it’s beautiful. Nothing to do with the chemo story, just a picture I found on my computer 🙂 It was pretty close to heaven when we lived out west.

July 27 – Lyle has been doing fairly well this round, compared to the last round when he had a cold to contend with. He’s not feeling great, can’t touch or eat/drink cold (and cold to him is room temp to me), but at least he’s not quite as fatigued and miserable as he was last time. He hasn’t lost any hair and his appetite is very good. Now, when I say he’s  doing fairly well, I don’t mean that he is doing everything that he is used to doing with ease; he gets fairly zonked after doing tasks and chores and last night he was sound asleep before 11 pm. I was also concerned for a couple of days when he seemed to be quite flushed, and he was wanting the air on fairly high (we’ve been setting it to about 75 because it’s too cold for him otherwise). He found the house too warm. We took his temperature and it was fine – the rule of thumb with chemo, if the patients temp is at 38, give it an hour and if it stays there or goes up, call the clinic or go to emergency. If it is 38.3 or higher, don’t even call, go directly to the emergency. Well, his temp was normal. I presume it was just a chemo thing. So, as well as can be expected. Will keep you posted.

3 down, 9 to go!


One Response to Round 3, July 23

  1. Lyle Southam says:

    I just LOVED Grand Cache. Crystal clear lake water, perfect weather, beautiful scenery and lots of variety to explore on the east edge of the rocky mountain landscape.

    Anyway, summer time, and the livin’ is easy… Well, as much as I can, I like to spend time at the Ranch, and do some chores. Cutting grass, chopping firewood, or just work around the trailer. Two problems arise from that. One is that, without notice, my body says ENOUGH and goes to sleep for several hours. Another is that Joanne or even the medical staff (Hospital and visiting nurses) say “You shouldn’t be doing that” So, to some extent, I am trying to be normal, but it’s hard to adjust to this new norm. Thanks though to folks who have helped with some of these chores. Not just Joanne at home… For example, Vic came over to the house and cut the lawn through most of the spring while I recovered from surgery – Thanks Vic!

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