Round 12 – December 3


So, we were told today that the tingly feeling that Lyle has could last up to 18 months, yikes! Hopefully that won’t be the case but if it is I’m sure Lyle will handle it OK.

There were about 30 people around the and after Lyle was hooked up, he wandered around offering kisses to everyone… Hershey Kisses that is. Some of the men were a little alarmed until he pulled out the chocolate. One lady cried. I think this might have been a first for everyone.

And of course the big event was getting to ring the bell. Here is a link to the video on YouTube:

So, for now this is the end of this part of the journey. We do go back for a visit to the Oncologist and to hopefully remove the PICC line hopefully before Christmas. And I’ll try to update when I think of it.

So…. 12 done and 0 to go 🙂


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