Round 11 – November 19

Yes, I know…. I am posting round 11 and we’ve just finished round 12. Sorry, it’s been that kind of a busy couple of weeks.

So, let’s see if I can recall week 11.

Remember about the allergic reaction to Oxaliplatin from the previous visits? Remember that the doctor was going to add a note not to include it this time? Are you surprised that once again she didn’t include the note. But this time we were prepared. Lyle simply stated that since ultimately he as the patient made the final decisions in his own care that he was stating firmly he did not want any more of that drug. The nurse did not knowing how it impacted Lyle, particularly the high blood pressure. So, since there was no Oxaliplatin, it eliminated other drugs and take home prescription pills. Very nice indeed.

Before you get all excited though, the symptoms caused by this powerful drug have not gone away, Lyle was still exhausted, sleeping lots the two weeks following treatment, still can’t touch anything cold with his hands or feet, still has the tingly feeling in his lips, tip of his tongue, fingers and part of his palms and his feet. He still has shortness of breath. All of these will go away eventually but we don’t know when. More on that next time..

Aside from the above, these past couple of weeks have been fun. My lovely Aunt Toni had her annual pre-Christmas party and Lyle’s chorus Hamilton Harbourtown Sound put on a great Christmas show. Lyle wasn’t in it but he was the photographer, and afterwards he got to sing a few tags with various people. Following that we got together with some great  friends and had a lovely evening.

Of course the best news … 11 down 1 to go!


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