Round 2, July 9

I didn’t explain in my last posting that Lyle had a serious cold that delayed the start of his chemo by about 2.5 weeks. He had wanted to have hospital visits on Monday or Tuesday, that would be enough time to go home with the drip and in 46 hours have it removed and then off to the Ranch. But that first visit was a Wednesday. It didn’t stay that way because Lyle had met with the Oncologist that first visit (she only meets with him after every 3rd visit – unless there is an emergency), and asked about Mondays and she changed the date. So his second visit was a little earlier.

This has been a tougher one for him. He has felt more blah than the previous round and he took one of the pills that prevent nausea & vomiting. They are prescribed but not mandatory. We filled the prescription as a precaution. Glad we did. He’s been sleeping more and the effect hit him more quickly.  The heat probably isn’t helping either.

On the other hand, he’s enjoying his time at Harmony Ranch, singing when he can and music is the best medicine.

I did the flush this morning (Saturday). We completely forgot Friday. Although I had done a good job with the nurse present, it didn’t go quite so smoothly on my own. I guess more practice. When I was trying to release the air bubbles from the Heparin injection, a stream of it shot up to the ceiling (he gets an injection of saline solution followed by Heparin three days a week). We ended up using the second injection that the nurse had packed, but after the fact we figured that probably we could have used the first. Oh well. I’ll get it right. Lyle says it was perfect, but he’s like that.

Update – July 19
Lyle has had a rough 1.5 weeks since chemo last Monday. Sometime during the weekend he caught a cold – probably from the air conditioning blasting on him in the trailer. It kept us cool but he caught a cold.  So, on top of chemo, he’s been feeling pretty yucky due to a cold. Today has been his best day and he should improve over time. The nurse visited yesterday and found nothing in his lungs which is a good thing because it means his chemo will probably not be delayed on Monday.

And speaking of Harmony Ranch, there is no better medicine!

The good news: two down, ten to go!


One Response to Round 2, July 9

  1. Lyle Southam says:

    If you’ve ever had a hangover, you’ll know how I felt when I had the cold (during chemo). I haven’t had a hangover in decades but this felt like a serious one – and it lasted for FOUR DAYS!

    Funny – you spend your whole life not worrying about how touching cold things with your fingers and then suddenly, you have to adapt to something totally new. Frequently, I have forgotten, picked up something cold and then “OUCH!” So, gloves near the fridge are my new habit.

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