I am a Library Web Coordinator. I now live in Ontario with my husband.  We both sin"Beautiful Blues"g in barbershop harmony (4 part a capella harmony). The men’s singing organization is called the Barbershop Harmony Society; the woman’s singing organization is called Sweet Adeline‘s International.

I am a quilter. I am very passionate about quilting and can’t get enough of websites and fabric shops. In fact, currently I am doing far more quilting and have taken a break from singing for a while. I have been feeling the need to allow that creative side of me to come out more. I usually start the quilting projects in the fall and I love looking for new Fall and Christmas patterns but this year I am trying to do quilting all year.

… And finally reading… do you remember the Dick & Jane and See Spot Run books …? I always have my Playbook with me, which has my Kobo App and access to hundreds of books. I also have a Kobo,  it’s good to have backup you know. And I do borrow books from my public library, which just happens to be my employer…



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