Sweet Adelines International in Seattle

Sweet Adelines International is a world-wide organization of women who sing 4-part a Capella harmony in the barbershop style. There are chapters from all over the U.S. and Canada, England, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand and you can find us in Japan, Germany and even Israel!

I sing with a Toronto chorus called North Metro Chorus, and we won the third place bronze medal in a very tough competition. We are a competitive chorus and we would like to win, but when we reflected, I think many of us agreed that our chorus has never sung so well and we are on a journey that we hope will lead us (back) to that gold medal.

Being in Seattle was an absolute treat! What a fantastic city; I would go back anytime. We rode the Duck! We loved the Pike Place Market (yes I got a picture of the fish-throwing), we ate incredible seafood and we all connected together in a way that is really hard to describe, but made this experience the best Sweet Adeline experience I have ever had.

Adding to this wonderful mix my husband was with us. He couldn’t make it to Hawaii (my first time competing at International) so having him in Seattle was special. He took amazing photos and the women all truly appreciate that. Lyle took a room in a hotel off the beaten track to save some money while I roomed with a couple of my chorus friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed my roommates and our experience together. I love those women so much! But next time, I think I would like to share a room with my dear husband. So we start saving the coins now!

I look forward to the next two years of competition, shows, growing and learning. I can’t wait for our next coaching experience, new music, and new memories. It’s all about the journey!

If you are a woman who likes to sing, look for the nearest Sweet Adelines chapter in your area. The learning experience, the friendships, the memories, you might be making the best choice you’ve ever made!

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