eBooks – here to stay!

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Back in late Spring, I purchased a Kobo – an e Reader created in Canada but spreading its wings all over the world. The price was right and the fact that it is Canadian-made influenced my purchase decision.  After a few little snags and a (free) replacement,  I am fairly happy with this little device.  It comes with 100 free (classic) titles. You can buy titles for as low as 89 cents (CAD). They offer frequent special deals for discounts on purchases, free Kobo contests, even win an iPad contest. They have partnered with TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), hotel chains and, now that Libraries are making downloadable e books available, the Kobo works well with most downloadable books (unless you use an i Pad to read your e books – the proprietary software is making it nearly impossible for Library users to read e books on their iPad).

I’ve been reading the full Amelia Peabody series written by Elizabeth Peters (aka Barbara Mertz, aka Barbara Michaels). The earlier books in the series were quite inexpensive and now I am hooked so I’ll be downloading each book in the series. Of course I’ve also downloaded some borrowed books from our Library as well.

You might think that someone who has worked in Libraries for almost 25 years would be against anything but the printed word in book format. I am a reader and have always loved holding a new book in my hands, turning those pages, smelling that new book smell, scouring the shelves. One would presume that I would object strenuously to the advent of computerized books, how impersonal, can you take that in the bathtub with you? (Yes you can actually.)  But, I find that I am thoroughly loving this medium. Remember, I’m a Web Coordinator and I do love new technology, but what it really boils down to is the practicality of carrying around dozens – even hundreds – of books…at once… in my purse and having books and stories at my disposal. When I want to read something, it’s there. Maybe it’s not always the most recent – but there are so many titles out there for us to read. Why not save some trees (and maybe some poor little squids) and buy an e Reader like the Kobo or Sony.

For the heck of it, I created this poll. It will take less than a minute, share your opinion:

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7 Responses to eBooks – here to stay!

  1. admin says:

    I love my sony e-reader! I can have a whole library of books in my purse all the time. I do wish that more books were available in Canada in e-format, I often try to buy one and find that it is only available in the US but that is my only beef.

    • weblady says:

      Do you ever go to Chapters? Kobo now has an application for the desktop that allows other eReaders to make use of their software. As long as your reader use ePub. I haven’t tried to figure out if I can download eBooks from the Sony store.

      • Gayle says:

        I have downloaded some books from Kobo, they work fine on my sony.
        I was bummed when the apple books became available from itunes that I couldn’t download them to my reader.

    • weblady says:

      Thanks to you the poll is 100% in favour of eReaders. 2 for 2 🙂

  2. weblady says:

    It’s that proprietary software. We get some very frustrated emails about iPad “not working”.

    • RandomizeME says:

      Yeah, my sister was very disappointed to find that the Overdrive system isn’t compatible with the iPad, it would’ve been so simple for Apple to allow the iPad to read ADE ePubs, but no… Same problem with the Kindle…

      I consoled her with the thought that the library only seems to have only 1 eBook copy for each item, and the waiting list is terrible anyway…

      • weblady says:

        As someone who works in Libraries’ I can tell you that it’s likely a budget issue. We are keeping track of our users now that we also offer eBooks and Audio Books and I am very certain that our budget will improve in the coming quarters. In fact, we do have more than one copy of the current best sellers, but yes, there is a waiting list.

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