What I did on my summer holidays

As I mentioned, our hobby together is barbershop. Hubby introduced me to it about 9 years ago. He’s been singing barbershop for about 15 years, me about 3. For the past two years we’ve made our way to the Barbershop Harmony Society’s International convention and contest.

Imagine the very best quartets and choruses all together, singing beautiful 4 part harmony for a week!

Last year, we took our friends Squirrel and Stefan and drove down to Salt Lake City. Well, that was it for us. We decided then that we wouldn’t miss this ever again if it was possible. So every year at the beginning of July we will trek somewhere in North America for our “annual honeymoon” as Lyle says (I’ll fill you in on our wedding one of these days).

This year, we drove down to Indianapolis. For Lyle and I it was an even more wonderful experience. I can’t really explain it except to say that as we get to know more people it feels like a homecoming: old friends, new friends, singing ’til the wee hours. It’s simply wonderful. It may seem somewhat obsessive to be using up all of our vacation time to go to a convention but it’s so very worth it to us. Vacations are meant to recharge the batteries, yes? Well nothing does that better than recharging those batteries surrounded by 10,000 of our closest friends!

Next year, Sweet Adelines convention is in Calgary. Yahoo! I haven’t been to the women’s international convention yet so this will be a treat. And only 3 hours away by car. That’s pretty darn exciting. We are so north it usually takes days because we drive.

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